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Russell Anderson Development School Sports Camps

At Russell Anderson Foundation Sports Camps, we’re all about the love for sports,
personal growth, and mental well-being among the children in our partner schools.
We provide an educational and fun-filled experience that goes beyond the playing field.

Sports and Skills Development

The Russell Anderson Foundation is committed to improving children's lives through teaching important life skills. Our programs focus on skills like teamwork, trust, honesty and integrity that empower children to thrive highlighting the impact of our life skills programs and the measurable difference we are making in children's health, well-being and future opportunities.

Mental Health Support

All children have access to mental health resources and guidance, ensuring they can navigate life’s challenges with resilience and positivity. We prioritize their emotional well-being just as much as their physical development.

Healthy Snacks

We understand the importance of proper nutrition in a child’s growth. That’s why our Volunteers and team members provide nutritious, healthy snacks daily, keeping everyone fueled for fun.

Experienced Coaches

Our coaches bring years of expertise to the camps, ensuring your child receives excellent instruction and guidance.

Safe Environment

Safety is guaranteed. We maintain a secure and supervised environment, so you can have peace of mind while your child enjoys their camp experience.


Beyond sports and learning, our camps are a place where lasting friendships are formed and cherished memories are made.

Volunteering Opportunities

In addition to providing volunteering opportunities to companies as part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities, we also support former Russell Anderson Development School attendees to work alongside our coaches, as part of their own personal development. This reinforces the importance of our collaboration work with the local Academies.

If your child is part of the foundation's team and would like to participate in our Sports Camps, please email us

Watch our amazing drone video to see what goes on at our sports camps!

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children in need.


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