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The Russell Anderson Foundation improves the lives of children in socially deprived areas of Aberdeen through life-changing programmes that make a sustainable and measurable difference to their health and wellbeing.
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The Foundation values and encourages positivity, collaboration, trust and honesty at all levels as keystones that teach important life skills.


The Foundation has a positive and engaging culture that focuses on empowering children and improving their overall health and wellbeing.


The Foundation has a range of engaged stakeholders including children, families, volunteers, staff, sponsors, and the communities it serves.


The Foundation's strengths include its clear mission, engaging culture, and focus on teaching important life skills. It is recognised as an embedded community partner where participation and inclusion statistics are high.
Our brand ethos stems from our founder Russell, whose career as a professional footballer opened his eyes to the benefits that sport can make to children's lives. Supported by a fantastic team of donors, coaches and volunteers, the charity is positioning itself as a leader in the sports-based charity sector in the North-East specifically for its impact on children's lives in socially deprived areas.

Telling our story

Communicate effectively

We communicate through our website, social media channels, events, and partnerships with other organisations, with the sole purpose of exploiting opportunities to expand our programs, partnerships, and funding to reach more children in need.

Focus on impact

Communicating the impact of the charity's programs and initiatives will help us stand out from competitors. Sharing stories of success and showcasing the tangible results of the charity's work will help attract and retain supporters.

Engage the community

Engaging the local community through events, partnerships, and outreach will help us build strong relationships and support. This will include partnering with local businesses, schools, or community groups to raise awareness and drive engagement.

Leverage technology

Leveraging technology and digital channels helps us reach a wider audience and engage supporters more effectively and will include social media, email marketing, and online fundraising platforms.

Develop a unique fundraising proposition

Developing a unique fundraising proposition will help us stand out from competitors and attract new supporters. This will include creating distinctive fundraising events or campaigns that showcases the charity's mission and values.

Build a strong volunteer network

Building a strong volunteer network will help us expand our reach and impact while also building strong relationships with supporters. This will include attracting and training volunteers to support the charity's programs and initiatives.

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